Our Galleries

Plein Air Artwork
Plein Air, in plain air, a series of paintings created at various locations.

Plein Air Gallery

Musings of the Mind
A series of drawings intended to stir the imagination with thought provoking imagery.

Musings of the Mind Gallery

Nautical Paintings
A series of paintings capturing the excitement and dynamics of sailing.

Nautical Gallery

The Nature of Man

A series of paintings depicting the various aspects of the human nature of mankind.

The Nature of Man Gallery

Exec-Q-Tive Frog
A whimsical award winning series of paintings depicting tree frogs and toads in corporate scenarios. Featuring scenes in harmony with each frogs instinctive tendencies. 

Exec-Q-Tive Frog Gallery

Up Close & Wild
A Series of paintings of exotic, endangered and unique wild animals .

Up Close & Wild Gallery


Amazing art!!
“I have been purchasing art pieces from Jim for a few years now. The reason I keep coming back is because this artist is unique and universal, from abstract to oil paintings to realistic animal paintings. Airbrush to marker every painting or art work is creative and whimsical, a fun piece of art that I love to look at every day. With every picture there is a unique story that makes you relate to the art. I recommend this artist who has something for everyone.”

Mark D.

Very happy with all of my purchases quality was outstanding